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The neighborhood is located in Yonkers, New York west of the Bronx River Parkway, between Tuckahoe Road and Pondfield Road West and shares a postal zip code with the village of Bronxville. We can trace it's beginning to the period between 1880 and 1889, when it was first incorporated as the Armour Villa Park Association. The mystery of that period, however, is whether the Armour Meat Packing family of Chicago sewed it's roots in the town, (a relative is said to have built one of the first homes) or whether the name was derived from the Smith family, who brought and sold the property in rapid succession. It is thought that there was a surviving son bearing the name of H. Armour Smith. Whatever the case might be, many of the existing homes today, date to that period. Others were built during the 1920's and 1930's, and still others are newer. Most of the homes are of the Victorian, Tudor or colonial style, although a few of the more modern homes are ranches. The homes were all built along narrow streets lined with tall and mature oak and maple trees. The terrain of the neighborhood is hilly, and located withing walking distance of the Metro North station and the shopping streets of the village.

There are 24 homes in Armour Villa and in nearby areas!

Weather Predications

Wed, Jul 18th 12:00am 70°
Wed, Jul 18th 3:00am 66°
Wed, Jul 18th 6:00am 67°
Wed, Jul 18th 9:00am 67°
Wed, Jul 18th 12:00pm 68°
Wed, Jul 18th 3:00pm 72°
Wed, Jul 18th 6:00pm 75°
Wed, Jul 18th 9:00pm 76°
Thu, Jul 19th 12:00am 73°
Thu, Jul 19th 3:00am 70°
Thu, Jul 19th 6:00am 65°
Thu, Jul 19th 9:00am 63°
Thu, Jul 19th 12:00pm 67°
Thu, Jul 19th 3:00pm 74°
Thu, Jul 19th 6:00pm 77°
Thu, Jul 19th 9:00pm 78°
Fri, Jul 20th 12:00am 76°
Fri, Jul 20th 3:00am 70°
Fri, Jul 20th 6:00am 66°
Fri, Jul 20th 9:00am 63°
Fri, Jul 20th 12:00pm 71°
Fri, Jul 20th 3:00pm 79°
Fri, Jul 20th 6:00pm 81°
Fri, Jul 20th 9:00pm 80°
Sat, Jul 21st 12:00am 75°
Sat, Jul 21st 3:00am 70°
Sat, Jul 21st 6:00am 65°
Sat, Jul 21st 9:00am 62°
Sat, Jul 21st 12:00pm 69°
Sat, Jul 21st 3:00pm 75°
Sat, Jul 21st 6:00pm 76°
Sat, Jul 21st 9:00pm 75°
Sun, Jul 22nd 12:00am 72°
Sun, Jul 22nd 3:00am 69°
Sun, Jul 22nd 6:00am 67°
Sun, Jul 22nd 9:00am 67°
Sun, Jul 22nd 12:00pm 68°
Sun, Jul 22nd 3:00pm 68°
Sun, Jul 22nd 6:00pm 69°
Sun, Jul 22nd 9:00pm 70°

Area Information

Locality: Village of Bronxville, Village of Yonkers, Village of Mount Vernon
Average Price: $2,463,250 (450,000-9,950,000)
Beds Per House: 4.75

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