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Bronxville Village, located within the town of Eastchester is a small village with many faces. For many, it's primarily a shopping district. In a two-block radius, there are antique stores, clothing shops, a supermarket, art galleries as well as almost anything one would need. Although there are rentals, most of the village apartment buildings have been converted into co-ops, but when people think of Bronxville, they think of its stately single-family homes, owned by an affluent community of high-powered commuters, who can afford to live in a place where the average-priced house is more than $1 million.

Most of the homes are tucked away up into the hills and on quiet narrow and winding wooded streets that surround the downtown. There are Tudors and colonials almost all of which were built before World War II. The village was really built out by 1940. Most houses date to the 1920's. A new house in Bronxville is one that was built in the 1960's.

Bronxville started out as an artists' colony in the late 1800's. William Van Duzer Lawrence purchased a farm in 1890 and commissioned the architect William A. Bates to design a community of houses, now called Lawrence Park. (see Lawrence Park West) Mr. Lawrence, an arts patron, tried to lure established artists of the time to his new community by offering to subsidize rents in the houses he was building. He extolled the charms of the countryside and built many houses with artists' studios.

Many of the homes in Lawrence Park, still have artists' studios that are often used as family rooms. Brendan Gill, the late writer for The New Yorker, a resident of Lawrence Park for many years, once described its homes as joyous--"it makes one feel good simply to look at them."

Attendance in Bronxville's school district is limited to students who reside within the village together with a few applicants from outside the village. Anyone living just outside the village limits must attend another school district. This is significant because schools are one of Bronxville's biggest draws. The village has three public schools, all housed in one building on Pondfield Road, near the Village downtown. As one might imagine, it is very unusual to have one campus for all three schools, but it creates and interconnectedness that allows students to get to know one another. It also allows teachers to track students over the years, which all studies have shown is very beneficial to education. The district is known for it's small classes and high test scores. Average SAT scores for 2010, for example, reached 1950 (the highest in Westchester County). The high school offers many advanced placement courses, among them calculus, chemistry, European history, French and Latin. It is not unusual for every graduate to continue in to higher education. For more information concerning the Bronxville School District visit: or contact the school directly at 914-395-0500.

Similar to other districts in the county, Bronxville's schools have experienced increased enrollment. The schools form part of the cohesiveness of the community. Residents also become involved in the community by playing tennis or paddle tennis on village-owned courts. The Siwanoy Country Club offers golf and the Bronxville Field Club offers tennis.

The postal zone of Bronxville extends beyond it's boundaries and includes such neighborhoods as Armour Villa, Lawrence Park West and Cedar Knolls, all of which are actually within the city of Yonkers. But they identify with the Village and are very much a part of the community in every way.

Bronxville has one of the liveliest downtowns in Westchester and a night life as well.

It's amazing to think that in only one square mile, there's so much.

There are 28 homes in Bronxville Village and in nearby areas!

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Area Information

Locality: Village of Bronxville, Village of Mount Vernon, Village of Eastchester, Village of New Rochelle, Village of Yonkers
Average Price: $2,189,357 (385,000-9,950,000)
Beds Per House: 4.57

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