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Fleetwood is located in the northernmost section of Mount Vernon just to the south of suburban Bronxville. It offers a spectrum of housing alternatives; co-ops, rentals, multi-family residences and single family homes. It is a one-square mile tree lined neighborhood featuring carefully manicured lawns and lush gardens. The Fleetwood Metro-North train station-- within walking distance of the entire neighborhood, allows commuters to travel to Grand Central Terminal on the Metro North Harlem line in under 30 minutes. Within the Fleetwood neighborhood there are mini neighborhoods, to wit: Hunts Wood, Aubyn Manor and Pasadena Park. The Fleetwood Neighborhood Association provides a forum for discussion and neighborhood concerns for everyone. It is depicted as a neighborhood of Tudor, Mediterranean and colonial style homes with neat lawns and wooded parkland. The centerpiece of Fleetwood is the Grammatan Avenue and Grand and Broad Street area serving the community with shopping and an entertainment center.

The MOunt Vernon Department of Recreation offers men's and women's softball and touch football leagues, youth and adult tennis programs, basketball, volleyball, bocce, summer concerts and Hartley Park in the center of the city. This is of course only a sampling of the resources available.

There are 64 homes in Fleetwood and in nearby areas!

Weather Predications

Wed, Jul 18th 12:00am 70°
Wed, Jul 18th 3:00am 66°
Wed, Jul 18th 6:00am 67°
Wed, Jul 18th 9:00am 67°
Wed, Jul 18th 12:00pm 68°
Wed, Jul 18th 3:00pm 72°
Wed, Jul 18th 6:00pm 75°
Wed, Jul 18th 9:00pm 76°
Thu, Jul 19th 12:00am 73°
Thu, Jul 19th 3:00am 70°
Thu, Jul 19th 6:00am 65°
Thu, Jul 19th 9:00am 63°
Thu, Jul 19th 12:00pm 67°
Thu, Jul 19th 3:00pm 74°
Thu, Jul 19th 6:00pm 77°
Thu, Jul 19th 9:00pm 78°
Fri, Jul 20th 12:00am 76°
Fri, Jul 20th 3:00am 70°
Fri, Jul 20th 6:00am 66°
Fri, Jul 20th 9:00am 63°
Fri, Jul 20th 12:00pm 71°
Fri, Jul 20th 3:00pm 79°
Fri, Jul 20th 6:00pm 81°
Fri, Jul 20th 9:00pm 80°
Sat, Jul 21st 12:00am 75°
Sat, Jul 21st 3:00am 70°
Sat, Jul 21st 6:00am 65°
Sat, Jul 21st 9:00am 62°
Sat, Jul 21st 12:00pm 69°
Sat, Jul 21st 3:00pm 75°
Sat, Jul 21st 6:00pm 76°
Sat, Jul 21st 9:00pm 75°
Sun, Jul 22nd 12:00am 72°
Sun, Jul 22nd 3:00am 69°
Sun, Jul 22nd 6:00am 67°
Sun, Jul 22nd 9:00am 67°
Sun, Jul 22nd 12:00pm 68°
Sun, Jul 22nd 3:00pm 68°
Sun, Jul 22nd 6:00pm 69°
Sun, Jul 22nd 9:00pm 70°

Area Information

Locality: Village of Mount Vernon, Village of Bronxville, Village of Pelham, Village of New Rochelle, Village of Bronx, Village of Yonkers, Village of Eastchester, Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, Village of call Listing Agent, Village of Scarsdale, Village of Larchmont
Average Price: $1,611,464 (225,000-9,950,000)
Beds Per House: 4.53

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