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The Village of Tuckahoe was incorporated in 1902 as one of two villages within the town of Eastchester.

Local artisans developed this area, when the world famous Tuckahoe marble quarries were opened about 1825 and soon began to be a major producer of marble to the developed countries of the world.

The quarry remained open until the 1930's. High quality white marble excavated from the quarries have been used in many famous buildings and monuments such as the United States Capital Building in Washington, D.C. and the New York City Public Library.

Historically, during the Revolutionary War several battles and skirmishes took place in and around the area now known as Tuckahoe.

It is said that Tuckahoe is the core of southern Westchester County. It is a rare, small place; it has a magic charm in it's smallness; it has a sense of community. It is easily accessible using several major highways and is serviced by the Metro-North railroad system. The Tuckahoe and Crestwood stations are between 30 and 35 minutes from Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

The residential area of the village is made up of both, one family and multi-family homes. It is bordered by the village of Bronxville, to the south and the unincorporated portion of Eastchester on the north and east. It is separated from the Crestwood section of Yonkers by the Bronx River.

During the past decade Tuckahoe has seen a redevelopment of several of it's commercial and industrial areas. Conversion of former factory space to new residential, retail and office space has taken place along the main corridor of the community. Additional construction and refurbishing has taken place throughout the downtown section.

There are 17 homes in Tuckahoe and in nearby areas!

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Area Information

Locality: Village of Bronxville, Village of Eastchester, Village of Mount Vernon, Village of Scarsdale, Village of Pelham, Village of Hastings-on-Hudson
Average Price: $1,330,265 (289,000-3,500,000)
Beds Per House: 4.29

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