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Home renovations can take a lot of energy out of you, which is why it's important to stay organized. Here's how you can keep up with all your projects.

Home renovation projects are a good way to increase your property value and earn a higher ROI when it comes time to sell. Updates and upgrades come in all shapes and sizes and often selecting, organizing, and prioritizing them can be a challenge.

While DIY home improvement projects can save you a lot of money, they can also be complicated and time-consuming. Whether you're looking to finish the basement, replace a roof, or add new flooring, our REALTORS® always recommend bringing a sense of order and organization to your home renovation projects to keep you on track. Here are some tips to help you along the way:

  1. Document Your Plans
    It's easy to come up with home improvement ideas, but in order to stay organized and prioritize, you need to document them. Consider creating lists or use a spreadsheet to keep track of all your various home improvement concepts, expected costs, specifications, materials needed as well as any other details that are important to remember. Having the details of your projects at your fingertips will be helpful when making a trip to your local home improvement store or speaking with a contractor.

  2. Break Large Projects Into Smaller Goals
    Large projects, such as kitchen or bathroom remodels, can quickly become overwhelming if you're doing everything yourself. Try to break these projects into smaller, more manageable tasks and set reasonable timelines for yourself. Identify all the various components of your remodel and break them out as separate, smaller projects. Some examples might be new tile flooring or ceiling lighting.

  3. Always Buy Samples
    Looking at small tiles or paint colors in the store can't give you an idea of what these materials would look like at scale in your home. We always recommend buying a large sample set that you can lay out in the actual room to better visualize the look and style. If you need additional inspiration, you can also check out some of the beautiful floors and walls in these Bronxville homes for sale.

  4. Be Specific
    If you're hiring a contractor to assist with a particular home project, it's important to communicate project specifications clearly. Don't assume that contractors will know exactly what to do. No detail is too small to cover. By being specific, you can avoid misunderstandings as well as discrepancies over pricing and quotes.

  5. Manage Your Budget
    Accurately estimating project costs is critical for success. You don't want to underestimate the total price tag of a renovation and pause mid-project due to a funding issue. Also, remember things can and will go wrong. You always want to be sure to add in a 10% to 15% buffer into your budget to give yourself room to make mistakes or change the project plan.

Home renovations are key to unlocking additional wealth from your largest investment, but adequate organization, planning, and budgeting are key to success. For more tips on home projects, contact us today.

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