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Gardening season is just about here, so we put together some pointers that will ensure you have a beautiful garden through summer.

Gardening season is finally upon us. As winter finally rolls to an end, our REALTORS®  are already busy gathering gardening supplies and preparing for the warm weather. Creating the perfect spring garden requires a lot of work and preparation, so we often spend the last couple of weeks of cold weather getting everything in order. Things can get busy when planting time comes around, so it never hurts to start early.

To help you get ready for gardening season, here is a quick list of things you can do now to prepare:

  1. Eliminate Weeds And Debris
    Give your garden a fresh start by clearing out any live weeds that may have stuck around. You'll want to be all weeds are eliminated before you begin planting. Also, use this opportunity to remove any leftover leaves or debris. As you're clearing out the space, you can use this as an opportunity to start your compost pile.

  2. Prune Trees And Shrubs
    Late winter is one of the best times to clean up your trees and shrubs before leaves start to grow in and plants start to bloom. Take advantage of this extra visibility to eliminate dead limbs and branches. Pruning during a period of dormant growth reduces stress on the plant while also helping to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Good pruning is essential to good landscaping — check out the well-pruned trees in the yards of these Bronxville homes for sale.

  3. Organize Your Tool Shed
    If you didn't organize your shed at the end of last season, now is a great time to do it. Sharpen your tools and oil any hinges as needed. Pull out the tools you'll be using the most and keep them accessible. If you use a gardening bucket, start stocking it up so you can hit the ground running as soon as warmer weather arrives.

  4. Stock Up On Supplies
    Now is the time to head on over to your local landscaping store and stock up on fertilizer, plant supports, seeds, and anything else you need to make your 2022 spring garden a success. By getting out early, you can beat the rush and get all of your shopping done while the weather isn't favorable.

  5. Prep Your Soil
    After that last frost, you can finally head outside and start prepping your soil for planting. If the ground is still cold, there is a good chance your soil is a bit compacted. A good first step is to loosen it up through tilling and turning. Then you'll be ready to add a full layer of compost and top it off with a bit of water. Finally, you'll want to test your pH and nutrient levels to ensure the ground is suitable.

  6. It's Time To Mulch
    Mulching helps keep your landscaping looking fresh, and it also helps suppress weed growth. Before you begin planting, add a thin layer of mulch across your planting area. Pour the mulch into a pile and use a rake to distribute it across the area evenly.

Gardening is one of our favorite hobbies. After years of experience, we've learned that good planning is the key to a bright, healthy, and beautiful green space. Contact us today for more landscaping tips.

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