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The patio is one of the most important spaces during the warmer months. Here's how you can give it an upgrade.

Our REALTORS® have been busy spending weekends grilling and relaxing on the patio this summer, so we're constantly thinking of new ways to improve our outdoor space. Beautifully maintained landscaping and a comfortable porch or patio can make your outdoor space more relaxing, and it can also make your home more attractive when it comes time to sell. It's definitely worth the investment.

If you're looking for new ways to make your exterior and landscaping shine this summer, here are some great tips:

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Gardening season is just about here, so we put together some pointers that will ensure you have a beautiful garden through summer.

Gardening season is finally upon us. As winter finally rolls to an end, our REALTORS®  are already busy gathering gardening supplies and preparing for the warm weather. Creating the perfect spring garden requires a lot of work and preparation, so we often spend the last couple of weeks of cold weather getting everything in order. Things can get busy when planting time comes around, so it never hurts to start early.

To help you get ready for gardening season, here is a quick list of things you can do now to prepare:

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You don't have to go full minimalist for this style to make an impact in your home. Here are some tips you can try.

Minimalist decor has been a trend for quite a while because of its clean lines, simple design, and neutral colors that appeal to almost everyone. Other people appreciate the ultra-organized, clutter-free approach minimalist style entails. For these reasons, minimalist decor is the perfect style to adopt when you're trying to sell your home. It's also good if you've just moved into a new home since you can probably spend less time and money on furniture and decorating. But how do you use minimalist decor in Bronxville homes for sale while still having enough personality and appeal? Our REALTORS® offer these tips to make the most of minimalist decor in your home.

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Not sure which rug to pick? Follow our guide to choose the perfect rug for any room.

When it comes to interior decorating, never underestimate the power of a good rug. When a well-placed rug of the right shape, size, and design is added to a room, it can dramatically impact the space's layout and balance. However, choosing the right rug isn't always an easy process. Furthermore, rugs can be expensive, so you'll want to pick one you can live with for many years.

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How do you know what to buy or how much to spend on a home gym? We give some tips for choosing a home gym setup right for you.

A home gym can be a great convenience, allowing you to work out at any time using the equipment of your choice. You'll avoid having to drive to and from a gym and having to wait for equipment. And in this continued time of social distancing, you'll feel safer by working out at home.

Our REALTORS® suggest the following steps to help you decide which type of home gym is right for you:

  • Figuring out your budget   
    Before you start planning your home gym, figure out how much you'll have available to spend. Keep in mind that while you may initially want a complete setup that will keep you motivated, you can always add equipment as you go. Don't forget that buying new equipment isn't your only option since some stores sell used equipment, and you can also check Facebook Marketplace, Craiglist, and other sites for used gear. And if you currently pay a monthly fee for a gym membership, you may be able to save that expense if you're happy with your home gym as a substitute.

  • Determining what available space you'll be using 
    The amount of space you have to work with will help determine what kind of home gym you can have. If you have only part of a room, for example, you can utilize equipment like yoga mats or light weights that can easily be stored off to the side, so they're out of the way. This also applies to a jump rope, which can be used instead of a bulky treadmill if you need to get your cardio in. You can also maximize your available space by choosing equipment that can be used for more than one type of exercise.

  • Choosing your equipment   
    Selecting your equipment depends on your budget and the amount of space you have, as well as what you'd like to work on. For example, a treadmill can help you work on cardio if you have enough space for it, and resistance bands can help you work on strength training. And don't forget to add some foam rollers to aid in your recovery.

  • Designing your space 
    In addition to your equipment, you can help transform a space or room into a home gym with some additional bells and whistles. Make sure you have window treatments that provide natural lighting if available and add plenty of artificial lighting. You may also want to add mirrors so you can check your form, and they also have the added benefit of making your space feel bigger. Finally, if you have an entire room to work with, consider covering your regular flooring with gym flooring to give you more of a cushion and to protect your floor from getting slippery.

Contact us at Park Sterling Realty for more information about how a home gym can not only benefit you while you own your Westchester County area home but also when it comes time to sell. We'll know how to make your home more appealing to potential buyers.


Thanksgiving Dessert - Park Sterling Realty

What's your favorite ending to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner? According to Reader's Digest, chances are good it's one of the classic holiday trifecta of pumpkin pie, pecan pie, or apple pie. 

Our REALTORS® think this year calls for starting some new traditions. Give family and friends a tasty surprise with one or more of these creative, non-pie Thanksgiving desserts. 

  • Turkey Rice Krispie Treats 
    Let the kids join in the fun by giving these popular no-bake bars a holiday update. Once the treats have firmed up, use a round cookie cutter to make the circle base. Candy corn pieces form the feathers, while the face can be either melted chocolate or an inverted Hershey's kiss. Finish with a cinnamon red-hot "wattle.

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Halloween Fun - Carve Pumpkin - Park Sterling Realty

While the normal round of festive Halloween social activities may be shut down this fall, you can still make the most of the spooky season by decorating your front porch with pumpkins, scarecrows, scary cats, and whatever suits your fancy.

For most of us, decorating the front of our homes involves a frightful (or it could be friendly) jack o' lantern. Most likely you're an old hand at carving, but if you're not, here are some instructions to make yours stand out among all your neighbors' efforts. If you're looking to attract the attention of Westchester County homeowners, buyers and sellers, read on and get carving.

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Luxury Home - Outdoor Kitchen - Park Sterling Realty

Who doesn't love eating outdoors? With an outdoor kitchen, you can spend your summer cooking, eating, and relaxing outside while maximizing your vitamin D intake.  

Not only can outdoor kitchens can make for a great family gathering space, they can significantly increase your overall home value as well. With so many people spending more time at home, it's no wonder outdoor kitchens have become an increasingly popular project in 2020. 

However, building a luxury outdoor kitchen is an expensive home renovation project. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the typical cost of an outdoor kitchen is $13,000, and 22% of homeowners invest in high-end kitchens that cost upwards of $30,000. With such a large investment, it's important to do things right. Our REALTORS® have provided the following tips to help ensure your luxury outdoor kitchen doesn't fall short.

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Easy Home Updates - Park Sterling Realty

While sheltering in place, it's important to find activities to help you pass the time. One activity to explore is making some improvements to your home. Whether you plan to call our REALTORS® to sell your property or you're happy in your home, a few projects can overhaul your home's appearance.

It's a misconception that home improvement projects always require a lot of materials with a hefty price tag and multiple trips to the store. Check out a few easy home improvements you can make without leaving the safety of your home. 

  1. Declutter Your Spaces
    Most people don't think of decluttering when they envision home improvements, but nearly every space looks better with less stuff. Get rid of anything that you no longer use or that you no longer use. Stow seasonal items that you won't need in the next few months. Still have piles of stuff on your counters? Give them a permanent home, ideally out of sight.

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