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The patio is one of the most important spaces during the warmer months. Here's how you can give it an upgrade.

Our REALTORS® have been busy spending weekends grilling and relaxing on the patio this summer, so we're constantly thinking of new ways to improve our outdoor space. Beautifully maintained landscaping and a comfortable porch or patio can make your outdoor space more relaxing, and it can also make your home more attractive when it comes time to sell. It's definitely worth the investment.

If you're looking for new ways to make your exterior and landscaping shine this summer, here are some great tips:

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Gardening season is just about here, so we put together some pointers that will ensure you have a beautiful garden through summer.

Gardening season is finally upon us. As winter finally rolls to an end, our REALTORS®  are already busy gathering gardening supplies and preparing for the warm weather. Creating the perfect spring garden requires a lot of work and preparation, so we often spend the last couple of weeks of cold weather getting everything in order. Things can get busy when planting time comes around, so it never hurts to start early.

To help you get ready for gardening season, here is a quick list of things you can do now to prepare:

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Hidden Home Maintenance Costs - Park Sterling Realty

One of the best pieces of advice our REALTORS® can offer about buying a home is to determine your budget before you start looking. Understanding what you can afford will narrow your search, and keep you from falling head-over-heels for a house that's outside your price range. 

But it's easy to misunderstand what your price range truly is. Buying a home comes with costs that aren't necessarily reflected in the asking price alone. So keep an eye out for these additional homeownership costs, and don't let them trip you up!

  • Property Taxes
    It's easy to simply compare your monthly mortgage payment with what you could be paying in rent, and assume that you can afford it. Maybe you can, but be sure to factor in property taxes. Unless you plan to put a larger down payment down on your home, your property taxes will most likely be added to, and bump up, your monthly mortgage payment. Also, keep in mind too that property taxes are likely to increase over the length of time that you own your home.

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