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Spooky season is upon us! Here are the Westchester County events to visit for the whole family.

Halloween is a favorite holiday for our REALTORS®. With beautiful fall foliage, cooling temperatures, and spooky decor, there is so much to love about this time of year, especially when you live in Westchester County. 

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Pack a lunch and join your friends and family at these Westchester County picnic spots.

If you're looking for ways to enjoy this summer's final weekends, why not pack up some food, grab your friends and family, and head on over to your favorite Westchester County Park for a picnic? Picnics are a great way to get some sun and fresh air, plus our area's natural beauty can't be beat. It helps set the perfect backdrop for a picnic and also makes our local parks so special.

Our REALTORS® love picnicking on the weekends, and we've become quite the experts on our local parks and amenities. Here are our six favorite Westchester County picnic spots this year:

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Westchester County has a rich history that goes back centuries. Here are the best places to discover it.

Take a step back in time, and learn all about the rich history of Westchester County through our area's many historical sites. Learning about an area's history can give you a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for its culture.

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Not all learning takes place in the classroom. In fact, spending the day at your favorite art, history, or science museum is one of the best ways to broaden your knowledge. Museums have a huge impact on the cultural and educational development in every community. Luckily, many of Westchester County's wonderful neighborhoods have some fascinating museums. If you're looking to immerse yourself in a day-long educational journey, our REALTORS® recommend a visit to one of these fantastic West Chester County museums:

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Haunted History - Westchester County - Park Sterling Realty

Nothing says October in Westchester County like colorful leaves and scary stories. Once Halloween time rolls around, it can be a lot of fun to learn about local myths and legends. For those who don't mind a little scare, our REALTORS®  compiled a list of Westchester County destinations with haunted histories. If you're brave enough, driving by these spooky locations can be a fun activity with friends or even a Halloween date night idea.

  1. Buckout Road - Briarcliff Manor, NY 10604
    There is a stretch of Buckout Road near West Harrison that is often regarded as one of the scariest roads in America. While there are many rumors attached to the area, one story points to the area once housing a coven of witches. Even Hollywood is interested, with plans to make a movie about the spot. While Buckout Road might be haunted, the surrounding area isn't, and there are several beautiful Briarcliff Manor homes for sale in the area.

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Leaf Peeping - Westchester County - Park Sterling Realty

With autumn just around the corner, it's not too early to start making your weekend plans to see some of the beautiful local fall foliage. After all, Westchester County is one of the best places to truly experience the changing leaves. Our REALTORS® pulled together a short list of some of the best places for leaf peeping around the area:

  • Kingsland Point Park - Tarrytown Light-Kingsland Point Path, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591
    Kingsland Point is a beautiful 18-acre park located on the east side of the Hudson River. The area offers several scenic views of fall foliage against a beautiful mountain backdrop. Equipped with a riverwalk, playgrounds, picnic areas, and baseball fields, this park is a great place for a relaxing fall vacation. On a clear day, you can even see the New York City skyline. The park is accessible from the Palmer Avenue Bridge over the Metro-North tracks, not far from these classic Mount Pleasant homes for sale.

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Bike Trails - Westchester County, NY - Park Sterling Realty

Summer is the perfect time to get out and enjoy some fresh air. We asked our REALTORS® about their favorite outdoor activities, and riding bike trails topped the list. It's not surprising since there are so many great trails in the Westchester area. Here are a few that we recommend. 

  • Bronx River Pathway
    One of Westchester's oldest parks, the Bronx River Pathway runs mostly parallel to the Bronx River. Although it will eventually be connected to create a 23-mile trail that runs all the way from Westchester County to the Bronx, it's currently three separate bike trails.

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Westchester County Facts - Park Sterling Realty

Westchester County has a long and exciting history dating back to pre-colonial times. Whether you're in town searching for Mahopac homes for sale or helping your family move into Eastchester homes for sale, our REALTORS® invite all visitors and future residents of Westchester County to learn more about the area. Here are eight fun facts about Westchester we bet that you didn't know!

  1. Westchester County's Native American History is Everywhere
    When browsing Bronxville homes for sale, you may spot a stone wall on Pondfield Road that showcases a plaque dedicating the transference of the Eastchester land from the Mohican Indians to the immigrants from Europe. If you're browsing White Plains homes for sale, you may note that this area was called Quarropas by the Native Americans which means "white marshes," assumedly because of the heavy mists or white balsam groves that were common in the area. You can learn more about our Native American history at the Ossining Historical Society Museum.

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Movie Locations - Westchester County - Park Sterling Realty

Have you ever watched a scene from a movie, and had the feeling that you've been to that location before? If you live in the Westchester County area, that's no coincidence! As Westchester residents and our REALTORS® know, local communities have been popular filming sites for big-name movies for more than 60 years. Learn more with our guide to six filming locations around Westchester, and then watch the movies filmed at each destination.

Spotlight on Westchester

  • Playland Park – 1 Playland Parkway, Rye, NY 10580
    Did you know that one of the most famous scenes in the Tom Hanks smash-hit Big was filmed around the corner from Rye City homes for sale? The amusement park featured in the film is called Playland Park, and it has been delighting visitors since 1928! The park is still in operation today and includes a museum that includes the park's fascinating local history.

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Spring Break Family Fun - Westchester County, NY - Park Sterling Realty

Spring break is right around the corner, and our REALTORS® are certainly excited about it. And as thrilled as we are to see all our kids out of school for a week, we understand that it's a double-edged sword. We love them of course, but boy do they tire us out! Be sure to check out these destinations in the Westchester County area, where kids can burn off some energy, and families can enjoy some fun and games together. 

  • LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester - 39 Fitzgerald St., Yonkers, NY 10710
    Kids will love LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and any adults that remember playing with LEGO blocks will no doubt get a kick out of it too! With tons of building opportunities and a huge indoor play structure, LEGOLAND offers great all-ages fun. There's a two-story playground and climbing wall that bigger kids will love, as well as a smaller area set up with toddlers in mind. Located just minutes from these Yonkers homes for sale, LEGOLAND is a destination you're likely to want to visit again and again.

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Mother's Day-Park Sterling Realty

Are you looking for a memorable way to celebrate Mother's Day this year? Our REALTORS® recommend treating the special women in your life to a delicious Mother's Day brunch. 

Whether you're still checking out Bronxville homes for sale in search of your dream home or you've lived here for years, there's bound to be a few local brunch spots you haven't tried yet. Choose a restaurant from this list of our favorites, and you won't be disappointed! 

  1.  The Tap House: 16 Depot Square, Tuckahoe, NY  10707
    Not far from some of the best Tuckahoe homes for sale, The Tap House is a favorite among locals and visitors. This restaurant is unique because it offers seating in the main dining room, a smaller cozy dining area with a fireplace, or loft seating overlooking the busy street. Whichever option you choose, the warm and inviting ambiance is ideal for a classy Mother's Day brunch.

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Union Church of Pocantico Hills-Park Sterling Realty

Art is about quality, not quantity. Nestled close among the many charming Tarrytown homes for sale is a perfect jewel of an art find, the legendary Union Church of Pocantico Hills. For art lovers and addicts of delightful discovery, this country church (it still holds regular Sunday services; all are welcome) is worth a wondrous detour. Union Church is home to nine stained glass windows by Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse's final artwork. 

History of Union Church

John D. Rockefeller, Jr. designed and had built Union Church in 1921, and though a church, it functioned very much as an extension of the Rockefeller name.  

In 1948 Nelson Rockefeller honored his mother, patron of the arts Abby Aldrich Rockefeller, by commissioning art from two fabulously original and famous European artists, Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse. Chagall was a French-Russian artist known for his joyful, humanistic modern art. He dealt fluidly in painting, book illustration, stage design, ceramics, and chinaware, and much more. Chagall was as comfortable producing the intimate, sun-drenched stained glass for Union Church in Pocantico Hills, as he was completing the heroically scaled pieces for the lobby of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. 

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Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown, NY-Park Sterling Realty

Visitors to the Lyndhurst mansion are equally in awe of the magnificent structure and its spectacular surroundings. Very often, those same visitors begin searching for Tarrytown homes for sale, drawn by the beauty of the Hudson Valley, the mighty Hudson River, and the charming history. 

A Brief History of the Lyndhurst Mansion

Though hard to believe when viewing the Gothic Revival mansion now, Lyndhurst started as a modest two-story country villa for the former mayor of New York City, William Paulding. 

Architect Alexander Jackson Davis used the popular romantic movement of the time, so often seen in Hudson Valley paintings, to create in stone what other artists created in oils and words. The Gothic Revival style seen in what was "The Knoll" still captures the imagination today. 

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John Bond Trevor House - Park Sterling Realty

When it comes to Yonkers homes for sale, our real estate agents know what to look for. There are many good reasons to be excited about a new home in Yonkers. Packed with beauty and full of world-class amenities, the area is widely known for its deep and fascinating history.

Yonkers is one of the safest cities in the United States and has been the home of luminaries in the arts, literature, and sciences. That includes such famous figures as Ella Fitzgerald.

Residents and community leaders of Yonkers have worked hard over the years to ensure its history is preserved for the future. That's why newcomers to Yonkers can still enjoy a range of wonderful museums and structures that have defined the area for centuries. Among the many historic homes still in a pristine state stands the John Bond Trevor House.

Wall Street Pioneer John Bond Trevor Leaves a Unique Legacy in Yonkers

Yonkers' special charm has attracted people from all over the United States since the start. Some come here to retire, while others have delivered their greatest contributions to humanity from here.

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